Pemberian Anugerah "medaille de l'aeronautique" kepada DR. Wahju Satrio Utomo oleh Government of Republique de France –

Pemberian Anugerah “medaille de l’aeronautique” kepada DR. Wahju Satrio Utomo oleh Government of Republique de France

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Ketua Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia, Bapak Capt. Novyanto Widadi, S.AP., MM. dalam acara Pemberian Anugerah “medaille de l’aeronautique” kepada DR. Wahju Satrio Utomo, oleh Government of Republique de France di Paris Perancis memberikan sambutan dan ucapan sebagai berikut :


Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia I would express highest appreciation to Government of Republique de France who just honored our colleagues, DR. Wahju Satrio Utomo “medaille de l’aeronautique”.

DR. Utomo already shown and lead us to achieve our goals in producing transportation officer who are prime, professional, and ethical to achieve transportation safety for all stakeholders. Our expectation is not only to produce many personnels but more than that, we would like to produce professionals who uphold safety aspects.

To produce air transportation officers who are zero-accident oriented, he emphasize that all aviation institutes under the Human Resource Development on Transportation Agency instill this principle into the cadets’ mind since thebeginning of their education and training.

i hope an appreciation that Goverment of Republique de France honored to DR. Utomo could push ahead all Transportation officersin Indonesia in terms of uphold safety aspects in highest standard. STPI as the biggest Aviation Institute in Indonesia will take a part develop Human Resource who could satisfy International Standardsthrough some cooperation with strategic partnership with Global Institute, in this case STPI already has an engagement with ENAC that we already launch our Post Graduation Program in Curug on May 2017 and now nurture our 23 young lecturers and will following by send 3 lecturers to study at ENAC campus in Toulouse by the end of September 2017. They areyoung lecturers that might be an agent to carry out a big goals to raise up safety aspect in highest standards.

Finally, we so grateful for this blessing day for all of us, and congratulation to DR. Satrio Wahju Utomo.


Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.


Capt. Novyanto Widadi, S.AP., MM.





Berikut Curriculum Vitae beliau :

DR. Wahju Satrio Utomo is born in Magelang located in Central Java Indonesia 6 September 1959.

Tommy is graduate from Law School of Trisakti University of Jakarta in 1984.

Then he continued his studies with a post-graduate program Magister in Administrative Sciences Majoring Public Policy Studies in the University of Indonesia Jakarta at 2002.

He has got a Doctorate (Phd) Education Management – Majoring Human Resources Studies in the State University of Jakarta in 2016.

In addition to formal education, he has obtained the LEMHANAS (Lembaga Pertahanan Nasional), the highest level education and training for supreme leadership in Indonesia.

Starting his career as civil servant goverment officer in the Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia on 1985 as the staff of Legal and Foreign Cooperation.

In the second year as a civil servant, he quickly got a promotion as head of Sub-Section Inter-Agency Relations – Legal and Foreign Cooperation Ministry of Transportation.

He continued his career and has been rewarded with some strategic positions such as :

Head of the Division of Legislation, Head of Administration and Public Relations of the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Transportation,

Head of General Affairs and Public Relations, of the Secretariat General Ministry of Transportation,

Personnel and Oraganization, Secretary of State for Education and Training Agency,

Secretary of State for Human Resource Development Agency,

Senior Advisor to the Minister of transportation Law and reforms.

Since 2014 up to now, he served as the Head of the Human Resource Development Agency Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia.

As Head of the Human Resource Development Agency Ministry of Transportation, he achieve the highest rank in civil servant gouverment officer as Pembina Utama IV E which is equavalent to a 3 Star-Lieutenant General for military rank system in Indonesia.

He also be assigned to some International activities and has been the key person for Indonesia Team Representative in some international arena such as :

In UNCTAD Conference,

The study of Regional Autonomy in Germany,

ICAO Legal Meeting,

Bilateral Negotiations of Civil Aviation,

IMO session in Great Britain and Comparative Study of Air Transport Fares, etc.

He was also with the Minister of Transportation of Republic Indonesia fo strong cooperation initiative on visit to South Korea, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, the United States, Japan, Finland, France, Saudi Arabia, China and many others.


He has been awarded from the Indonesian gouverment the award of Civil Servant Gouverment Officer excellence award for 10 years and 20 years from President Republic of Indonesia.

He has also been involved heavil in the human resource development of Indonesia transportation system, especially air transportation by developing several Satate Aviation Institute, COlleges and School, in all region of Indonesia including (STPI) the Indonesial Civil Aviation Institute in Curug, but also the Engineering and Flight Safety College (ATKP) in Medan, Surabaya and Makassar, the Center for Aviation Education and Training in Palembang, Curug and Jayapura and the Center for Pilot Education and Training in Banyuwangi. He also started the creation of two new Pilot School in Bearu (East Kalimantan) and Sorong (West Papua).

During his services, he wa deeply involved in developing human resource of the Indonesian transportation system, in modernizing system facilities, in upgrading science and technology especially in aviation education and training system.

He also put into operation International standard and recommended practices for all aspects of aviation education and tarining system by developing cooperation and tarining system by developing cooperation with international entities.

Aviation proffesional who graduated from State Aviation Institute, Colleges and School are now representing 90% of total population of aviation professional worker in Indonesia. The Alumnies of those State Aviation Industries are now spread in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Wahju Satrio Utomo could be definitely defined as a Leader who has transformed deeply the Air Transport Human Resource Development of the Indonseian Aviation Industry.





















DR.  Wahju Satrio Utomo menerima Penghargaan “medaille de l’aeronautique” oleh Pemerintah Republik Perancis karena jasa beliau dalam Bidang Tranportasi, khususnya Transportasi Udara.


Hal ini juga didasari dengan jalinan Kerja Sama antara Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) Perancis dengan Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia (STPI), yang dirintis oleh DR. Wahyu Satrio Utomo saat beliau menjabat Kepala Badan Pengembangan SDM Perhubungan.






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